Jim Chatelain and Peter Williams: Recent Work

By appointment through September 13

John Gill: Architecting Color

pots from four decades

Selected from the artist’s personal collection and recent studio production, “John Gill: Architecting Color, Pots From Four Decades” features 34 works. Together it represents a singular voice in contemporary ceramics,…Read more →

of reflection, of

Patrick Burton, Tony Hepburn, Howard Kottler

“of reflection, of” presents the work of Patrick Burton, Tony Hepburn and the late Howard Kottler. A range of histories are mirrored and reflected in work that visually does the…Read more →

Amy Vogel

Beauty is Difficult

“Beauty is Difficult,” Amy Vogel’s second exhibition at Paul Kotula Projects, continues the artist’s examination of the contradictions between nature, as physical environment, and human nature. Using painting and sculpture,…Read more →

Selections + Jason E. Carter

by appointment

Jason E. Carter


Carter’s first solo exhibition presents a series of interior landscape paintings that explore the effects of digital culture through its defining light.

Jim Melchert

Piano Score for David Tudor

Solo Exhibition of mixed media, working with broken and glazed porcelain tile and ink

Shane Huffman

Be silent unless what you have to say is better than silence

Solo Exhibition of mixed media prints

Setting the Table

Iris Eichenberg with Stacy Jo Scott

Paul Kotula Projects is pleased to present the exhibition Setting the Table: Iris Eichenberg with Stacy Jo Scott from April 6 through June 6, 2013.  Setting the Table is Iris Eichenberg’s second…Read more →