Paul Schwarz: A Shadow is Never Still

Chapter One: 4:55

Amy Vogel: Landscrapes

reception: April 1, 5 - 7 PM

Paul Kotula Projects is pleased to present “Landscrapes,” an exhibition of recent paintings by Amy Vogel (Chicago, IL). Landscapes have historically resided in the realm of romanticism — the beauty,…Read more →


Jim Chatelain, Brenda Goodman, Peter Williams

PAUL KOTULA PROJECTS is pleased to announce the exhibition “I/WE/THEN/NOW November 5 through December 17. The exhibition features the work of three American painters: Jim Chatelain (Delhi, NY), Brenda Goodman…Read more →

Jim Shrosbree: Slight Return


Brenda Goodman: A Life on Paper

by appointment thru september 11

Melchert: Incubator of Thought

ISB Gallery, Rhode Island School of Desgin, Providence

Kathleen McShane: Monoliths

Kathleen McShane presents works from her “Monolith Series” in her second solo exhibition at Paul Kotula Projects. Each sharing a “monolith,” or painted cardboard collage element which looks like a…Read more →

Laith Karmo: Potter

Laith Karmo proclaims the title of “Potter” for his first solo exhibition at Paul Kotula Projects. For it, he has generated a series of vessels that while highly Modern in…Read more →